The CBK is an 8-week interactive group coaching experience where you will gain confidence by kickstarting your own personal nutrition & fitness journey, so that you can build healthy habits for life!

(Will officially begin on January 9th, 2023!)


⭐️ 24/7 CBK Slack group messaging access so that you are ALWAYS supported by like-minded women & three BYHN support coaches. This is a place to receive support, ask questions, and get feedback in between our group coaching calls! PLUS we will be sharing all of our weekly wins, recipe ideas, and more. You won't find this level of accountability or support anywhere else. ($500 value)

⭐️LIVE group Zoom Coaching Calls (3 total!) We do this by providing personalized guidance, accountability, motivation, education, and everything you need for continued progress during and beyond the program. ($400 value)

⭐️Fully Custom Starting Macros set up for you by a BYHN coach on our start date. This means that there will be NO more restrictive dieting or skipping out on carbs. We'll teach you exactly how to fuel your body for your goals AND eat the food you love in the process. You'll learn how to track custom macros for your specific goals (losing fat, body recomposition, reverse dieting, etc.) and say goodbye to food guilt forever. ($200 value)

⭐️ BYHN App Access so that you can keep track of your progress, view your nutrition goals, and log your workouts! ($300 value)

⭐️ Home Workout Plan designed by BYHN's personal trainer, Jennifer Tyo. You will be able to access your workout plan via the BYHN app, where you will find instructions & videos on how to complete each workout. You'll even be able to submit video feedback via Slack if you need help with your form, or have any questions/concerns, etc. ($600 VALUE).

*Please note: The workout plan, starting macros, & Slack access will begin in January 2023.

Over a $2,000 value, for a FRACTION of the cost!

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