-One-on-One coaching & 24/6 access to a certified nutrition coach.

-Personalized nutrition & habit tracking in the BYHN app.

-Detailed weekly coach check in's including food audits, meal planning help, & SO much more.

-Lifetime access to our members only Facebook accountability group.

-Access to BYHN Academy, our resource library that is LOADED with information such as our grocery guide, restaurant guide, and SO much more!

-Monthly Zoom group coaching call with the BYHN coaches

-24/7 access to group coaching message thread via BYHN app.

-ENDLESS support, so you never feel alone in your health & nutrition journey!

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When you become a member of our private coaching program, you will receive lifetime access to our Facebook accountability group with people just like YOU that are going through the program also!


Counting macros isn't a quick fix or overnight success, but it is a lifestyle that can be sustained forever! Our goal is that you will be able to have a healthier relationship with food, that can be maintained long-term.


Our private coaching program includes personalized nutrition, macro calculating, and adjusting if needed. Not every person is the same, so not every nutrition plan will be the same. You will work together with your coach to set measurable goals, and take action.


At BYHN, we will give you the tools to make it easier for you to track your nutrition, and stick to your daily goals — making weight loss easier and ensuring you get the results you want.


If your goal is to lose weight and burn fat, counting macros is the way to go! With a goal in mind, and a strong support system (THAT'S US!) you could lose anywhere from a few pounds to a larger percentage of your body weight.


If your goal is gaining muscle and building lean mass, your macronutrient targets will need to reflect that. With that in mind, you’ll want to combine a challenging workout plan with our nutrition plan.


Not every nutrition plan has to involve substantial gains or losses. If you want to sustain your current weight, we will help create a plan that takes into account your maintenance macros, as well as your current energy needs.


Healthier habits don't have to be just how you eat! At BYH Nutrition, we believe in seeing the bigger picture when it comes to overall health and wellness.


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